Monthly Archives: May 2016

Keep Online Security for Shopping Safe and Secure Shopping on line is convenient and easy, so much so, it can be all too easy to slip into, complacency and possibly action careless security errors. Online criminals and hackers are constantly on the prowl, looking for cracks or flaws in the flow of personal information, particularly […]

Driving in the UK – Speeding Drivers must be aware that the speed limit is set at the maximum speed allowed, and is not a recommended speed to drive at. Signage indicates the top speed allowed by local law, not an advised speed to drive at, and certainly not in adverse weather conditions. Weather conditions […]

Warehouse Refurbishment The refurbishing of warehousing through the re-cycling and upgrading of existing derelict or redundant warehouses and factories has most certainly been on the rise in recent years. Most of the reasons can be attributed to those advantages that can be gained by refurbishment over new build, although in cases of listed buildings or […]