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The high costs associated with university degrees have driven the rise in traineeships and apprentices, with more and more businesses taking advantage of the growing range of government help available to employ and train an apprentice.

Training on the job has several benefits to both the company as well as the school leaver employee.

A graduate typically leaves university with a student debt in excess of £27,000, rising dramatically for longer courses. Additionally they have a three year period when they have only limited options to work at all to raise additional funds to live on. If parents are unable to supplement living expenses or annual university course costs this can push a degree beyond the reach of many school leavers.

By comparison, on a traineeship or apprenticeship, the employee can earn an income for four days a week, attending college on the fifth day to gain a qualification related to their chosen employment.

Working while you learn offers many youngsters the best start to their careers, building up their on the job experience while also adding valuable qualifications to their CV.

The Government supports business apprenticeships giving financial benefits to the business, making it cost effective to employ school leavers, train and support them.


Traineeship courses tend typically to be 12 week – 6 month assessment and work placement courses, leading to apprenticeships with a suitable business after that stage.

For many youngsters, a traineeship prepares them for a successful career, giving them the tools they need to earn an apprenticeship in their chosen field or employment.


Apprenticeship courses are commonly 3 or 4 years, or the length of the day release qualification course associated with the apprenticeship. In the majority of instances, the apprentice will receive an offer of a permanent job once the apprenticeship is successfully completed.

Apprenticeships are available in a growing variety of businesses and job roles, providing even more flexibility to the jobs market outside of traditional manufacturing and trades apprenticeships.

6 Responses to Apprentices & Traineeships
  1. My son left Leeds University last summer after 3 years, with a first….. but also with £58,000 of debt….. it’s frightening for him really…. I just hope he can work it off. This article is so right and parents should read it carefully before encouraging their children to run up huge debts

  2. Surely training the young is a no brainer. The better qualified our workforce, the more productive the country becomes?

  3. The value of a reputable apprenticeship qualification is growing and will only continue to do so as long as degrees continue to cost so much

  4. Youngster need all the help we can give them and that means not just mental stimulation, but a programme of ongoing training and betterment to encourage their growth and confidence

  5. Learn something and you will earn more


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