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Digg,, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc

These sites aggrigate web content from other sites around the internet. They categorise that information and present it to their users, recommending other similar content…. such as yours to their users.

Users can then vote on that content, promoting or demoting it up the recommendations list, burying your page forever, or providing a massive volume of traffic. It is possible to drive hundreds of thousands of hits a day if you submit good content that people really enjoy.

Social curation sites offer the same ‘viral’ potential as social media sites, so if you get it right, there is an opportunity to generate masses of traffic very quickly.

Having said that, it is just as easy to fail and it often takes a little creativity to create the sort of content with viral properties that people will send viral for you.

Getting Started

Before you start submitting your website content, product pages, or blog posts, spend some time looking through these sites so that you get a feel for what is being shared in volume and what is getting no traction at all.

As with social media, you need to entertain as much as you do inform. Selling should be a by product of of your content, rather than it’s primary purpose.

It is very rare that a hard sell will get you anywhere on social curation sites such as digg, stumbleupon, reddit or delicious……. look carefully at what is working for the successful publishers and mimic their activities.

If you need some help and don’t know where to start, ask us how….


We have a proven track record helping businesses to develop their online presence into a fully functioning sales funnel process:

  1. Gorgeous, Functional Design

    The first thing your website needs to be is attractive, closely followed by being easy to use (on all devices and screen sizes), fast to load and useful to your users. If these core metrics are in place then you can start to think about step 2…..

  2. Integrated Sales Funnel

    Where does your traffic come from? Where does it go when it leaves your site? How do visitors flow through the web, to your site, through your site and out again?

    All these factors matter to your ultimate conversion rate and your bottom line. If you are not tracking your visitor analytics, event clicks, and traffic sources then you will never achieve your goal of building a website that converts new business in volume.

  3. Lead Generation

    The best methods of lead generation vary from business sector to business sector. Our experience allows us to focus on the most appropriate traffic generation channels fro your business niche, shortcutting the often costly learning process that many companies face when they first venture online.

    It is said that 50% of every marketing budget is wasted, but it is the wise man that knows which 50% it is?!

    Your online marketing campaign profitability will sink or swim on its effectiveness…. we can help you to focus on the best returning channels for your company.

  4. Social Media Integration

    Social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc are becoming more and more influential for business, providing targeted traffic opportunities as well as giving Google important content quality information which is used to help determine the usefulness and value of your content.

    We will sculpt your social media accounts into a crafted sales process, so visitors (attracted by your social media content) convert into paying customers.

  5. Traffic Conversion

    No website is ever finished. You can always improve the level of performance, to drive more traffic, convert more visitors into enquiries, sell more or attract more fans, followers or likes.